Bed and Breakfast or Chambre d'hote in Montpellier, South of France

For detailed local map, or alternative directions please use Multimap

GPS Coordinates:
N 43.70157
E 3.84404
From the motorway A9 (from the west)

Take the exit for St. Jean de Vedas and follow the signs for Montpellier-La Paillade. At la Paillade, follow the tramway and take the direction Hopitaux-Faculte/Grabels (a left turn) and then the next road to the right (direction Valsiere). Continue this direction, then cross the D986 and follow the D127E towards Saint Clement 'centre'. From this point use the Multimap link above.

From the motorway A9 (from the east)

Take the exit Vendargues (exit N28) and follow the signs Montpellier/Hopitaux-Facult (the D65). At 14 kilometers from the exit N28, you are at the round about Agropolis (there is a hotel chain Heliotel). Take the exit D112 - Saint Clement de Riviere. From this point use the map provided by Multimap above.

Arriving by train:

Take the tram from the main railway station to the stop (direction Mosson) known as Occitanie. Phone from Occitanie and we will be pleased to meet you.

From Montpellier Airport to the House

As you leave the airport the first sign you see is 'toutes directions': follow that! Then you arrive at a roundabout - and there you bear to the right and take the sign marked A9 motorway - and it also marked 'Montpellier'.
A fast road into the centre of Montpellier. The key here is that you are going to turn right before Montpellier though - although its still a 12 minute drive or so before you do so. You only turn right when you see the sign 'Castelnau/La Pompignane'. (You must ignore any signs to Castelnau on their own) - it has to be the double sign of 'Castelnau/La Pompignane'.
Keep following that sign. Next sign you see is Castelanau going one way, and La Pompignane going the other. Now ignore the Pompignane sign and go through the centre of Castelanau(le-Lez).
Next sign says Castelnau-Centre - the d21 - and you follow that. At major roandabout you keep following sign Castelnau Centre - and Clapiers. Next sign says Clapiers/Jacou - that's the one to follow.

You now go through the centre of the village of Castelnau. You leave the village up a hill. As you leave the village you will see a sign to Jacou/Tehran - keep going straight ahead - but now prepare to turn to the right. But only when you see a sign marked 'Clapier / Montferrier ' - this is the D65.
At the next roundabout you follow the sign to Montferrier. Not Montpellier, note, Montferrier. There is also a blue sign saying A9 Barcelona and Montferrier.

You arrive at the next roundabout -and keep going straight ahead - continuing to follow the signs to Montferrier. Turn right off of the next roundabout to Montferrier. This is the D112.
It is also marked to St. Clement. You are now going st. ahead for a few kilometers. You now go past the hilltop village of Montferrier - for St. Clement is now the sign to follow. Keep following signs to St. Clement.
You past a boulangerie on your left and as you bear round the corner you indicate left - be careful at this turning - and you follow the sign where it says St. Clement.
Keep going st. ahead for a few kilometers, past vineyards on your right. Make sure that you only turn left at the right place - that is to say do not enter St. Clement where it says Centre Commercial etc - keep going up the main road until you see a marking on the left where it says: La Colline - this is the road called La Rue du Ravin d'Embarre. It also says St. Clement de Riviere.

Now go up the hill of this road. At the first junction/intersection you turn right - at the stop sign. Now you are climbing up quite a steep hill - for about 1km - keep going st. ahead. The road is called the Bd. Du Grand Devois - keep going up it. When you come to the top of the hill there is a kind of junction - where there is a street sign saying Le Round du Biou. This is our road - at last. You bear right into this road - and we are 50 meters on the right hand side.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Montpellier South France
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Tuesday 12 December 2017